Normann Szkop - Aerial Photographs of Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

JANUARY 28, 2014

Ukraine's Song of Ice and Fire

JANUARY 28, 2014

Photos of the Past

"A woman with a gas-resistant pram, England, 1938"

"The original Ronald McDonald, 1963

"Baby cages used to ensure that children get enough sunlight and fresh air when living in an apartment building, ca. 1937"

JANUARY 28, 2014

Blessed Feathers - Stinging Nettle, Honeysuckle

JANUARY 25, 2014

The Flattering Man

JANUARY 25, 2014

Prosign - Fake London Underground Signs


JANUARY 25, 2014

The First Wave

JANUARY 24, 2014

Friends - I'm His Girl

JANUARY 18, 2014

Unsolved Maze Seven Years in the Making

JANUARY 17, 2014

Steve Rosenfield - What I Be Project

"I am not my gender."

"I am not my number."

"I am not my molestation."

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JANUARY 13, 2014

Frozen Bubbles


JANUARY 07, 2014

The Average Faces of Women Around the World


JANUARY 07, 2014

The Art of Luke Jerram

Glass Microbiology



t4 bacteriophage

JANUARY 03, 2014

Ultrasound Levitation


JANUARY 03, 2014

Kait Rokowski - How to Cure a Feminist

JANUARY 03, 2014

Mark Grist - I Like a Girl Who Reads

JANUARY 03, 2014

Lucian Rudaux - Human-Animal Hybrids, 1938

"Insect-Men might have six or eight legs, which would make them good guides and mountain climbers, but with twenty or fifty pairs of legs, like some centipedes have, would probably be a nuisance."

"We might have Fish-Men if the world were to become inundated. Man's looks wouldn't be improved any with fish gills, Thevenin admitted, but adds that they'd be handy at the bottom of the sea.

"Electric-Men generating current like electric eels would be formidable enemies."


JANUARY 03, 2014