Jay Pinkerton

MARCH 21, 2012

Agent Provocateur - Les Fleurs du Mal

(Not Safe For Work)

MARCH 15, 2012

Books Published in China

Asshole Culture (translated from the French "Stories of the Butt")

How to Dispose of the Ashes of Those You Hate

How to Beat Kids

MARCH 15, 2012

The Photography of Martin Klimas

MARCH 13, 2012

Exotic Dancers of the 1890's

MARCH 13, 2012

Long Shadow of Chernobyl

MARCH 13, 2012

Girls - Lust for Life

MARCH 08, 2012

Mark Osborne - More

MARCH 08, 2012

Insects Under Scanning Electron Microscope

bluebottle maggot

dust mite

daddy long legs

MARCH 08, 2012

Stephen Chalmers - Unmarked

"These seem like perfectly quiet - beautiful, even - landscapes. But read the titles and you might start to second guess how beautiful they are. the images are scenes where disposed bodies were discovered. The titles are the victims' names. That's the unsettleing experience Stephen Chalmers is trying to evoke because that's the experience he had."

stephen charmers

MARCH 08, 2012

Patent Designs

MARCH 06, 2012

The Numbers Behind China


MARCH 06, 2012

Welcome - Naked People

(probably not safe for work)

MARCH 02, 2012